Linux Distributions

You should be able to find Remmina package in most popular distributions. If not, please request the provider.

Source Code

Released source packages: Please follow the Remmina download page in github.

Development repository: Remmina's source code is now migrated to github. Please follow the Remmina Wiki for more details.

Remmina dependencies:

  • GTK+ 2.0 (>=2.16) required
  • libpthread for multi-threaded feature
  • libssh (>=0.4) for all SSH related feature
  • libavahi-ui for Avahi feature
  • libvte for terminal feature
  • libgcrypt for password encryption
  • libunique for managing unique process

remmina-plugins package depends on:

  • FreeRDP libraries and plugins for RDP protocol
  • zlib (required by libvncclient) for VNC protocol
  • libjpeg (required by libvncclient) for VNC protocol
  • libgnutls (required by libvncclient) for VNC protocol
  • libtelepathy-glib (>= 0.9.0) for Telepathy feature
  • libssh (>=0.4) for NX protocol
  • nxproxy for NX protocol (runtime dependency only)
  • Xephyr for XDMCP protocol (runtime dependency only)